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Tahitian dream

i felt like it and i can post this online on my own website. beginning to use tumblr again, and not quite sure if i should start to blog all of the extraneous thoughts that occur from time to time. i don’t care if you guys judge they are just pretty extreme thoughts honestly. 

My goodnight thesis for the night; i think a person can just learn and absorb various energies from people from being isolated and put in a new environment, because they start to observe every single object around them making the person become aware of the moment thus will start to question the experience or put themselves into hypothetical situations. isn’t it awesome how our brain cans experience made up situations and actually feel the feelings or visualize the situation without even being in the situation. seriously if i get myself thinking enough, i will be able to go on about nonsense, well, i will go on…however, i think i should stop myself since my eyes are stinging. if you are still reading this, hopefully i interested at least 1% of your day.

xx Much love


i love bein in the ocean at this time of the night eee

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